About me

As a singer, songwriter, multiinstrumentalist and producer, I am working in different fields in the music industry and have got a varied portfolio of ongoing collaborations. Alongside the production of my own acousticpop music under the name of Theresa Zanon I am regularly performing on different stages and festivals in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and also singing the lead in the Potsdamer Big Band "Schwungkollegium".

My Background

I grew up in a musically influenced environment and got in touch with music quiet early. I started taking trumpet lessons, learned all kinds of instrument over the years including piano and teaching myself the guitar and was a member of different kids choirs. The dream of being a professional musician was set pretty early and when I got obsessed with musical theater at age 16, I took singing and dancing lessons to prepare myself for a carreer in theater. But spending more time writing songs, I set my focus in the genre of pop music and realized that performing as a solo artist is what I want to do. I took the whole year after graduation for vocal, piano and music theory training and finished my Bachelor in 2022 at the University of Potsdam. Since then I have been focussing on primarily performing and producing my music.

In 2021 my debut single „as soon as we go together“ was released, followed by more songs:

"Don't You Worry" (2022)
"Raindrops" (2022)
"Upside Down" (2023)
"Upside Down - Gravity Version" (2023)
"Im Bunten Berlin" (2023)
"Sommerwind" (2023) 
"My Reality" (2024)

 as well as different music videos.

Articles In (Online-) Magazines